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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Midas Care been serving the local community?

Midas Care was established in 1989, initially in residential care before moving into home care in 1999.

How can I contact Midas Care during the day and outside office hours and in an emergency?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm where we can be reached on 0844 406 1008. Outside of these hours we operate an emergency service on 07709 461013.

Can Midas Care supply literature explaining its services, eligibility requirements, fees, and funding sources?

Yes, please contact our office for further details.

Does Midas Care protect its workers with malpractice insurance supported by written personnel policies and procedures?

Company policies and procedures are reviewed at least annually. Currently Aviva provide our combined public liability insurance.

How does Midas Care ensure Service User / Client confidentiality?

Midas Care respects confidentiality and all information provided to us. Information of a personal nature that is required to be carried in the community is encrypted to protect our service users. Midas Care is members of ICO – Information Commissioners Office and adheres to the data Protection Act 1998.

Who can we call with questions or complaints?

Midas Care staff are trained to deal with minor concerns and complaints where required more complex issues or concerns are managed and dealt with in full by the HR Department

How does Midas Care follow up on and resolve problems?

All concerns and complaints are logged and investigated with outcomes fed back to relevant parties. Every effort is made to ensure all complaints and concerns are resolved efficiently. Following a concern or complaint, Midas Care follows these up to ensure the matter fully resolved and has not reoccurred.

Does Midas Care assign supervisors to oversee the quality of care?

Midas Care employs a team of Senior Support Workers whom look after each of the areas we operate within. The name of your local senior support worker will be included in your service user folder which is provided as care commences. Midas Care also recognises our more experienced Support Workers who act as mentors to those who are new to care. This structure ensures all our staff are supported in the community and a consistent level of care is maintained.

What services does Midas Care provide?

Please click here to see a list of regular services we provide. If the service you require is not listed then please contact the office and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Care Provision

Is Midas Care able to provide the services that I need to meet my personal preferences?

Following an initial enquiry Midas Care will offer a telephone appointment with one of our trained assessors where all needs and personal preferences are discussed.

If my care is private does Midas Care provide a standard contract that I can read before signing?

Following the initial consultation, Midas Care provides all supporting documents including a contract to ensure an informed decision can be made. This process we believe from previous experience can also prompt further questions which we encourage.

How will Midas Care select the most suitable support worker for my needs?

All Midas Care staff receive training that meets the most common needs, however where specialist training is required the options available are discussed at the assessment stage.

What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay?

Please see our section on funding which will assist you in establishing if or how much you will need to pay.

I only need a small amount of care – is there a minimum charge?

To ensure we provide a quality service the minimum duration of a care visit for private clients is 30 minutes. Full details of our charges can be found here.

Are there any hidden extras in the prices quoted by Midas Care?

All prices and costs are published on our website. There are no hidden fees.

When can services commence?

Once a consultation has taken place, we then confirm the needs of the service user and our current capacity. This process can all be completed and care can be commissioned if required within 2-3 hours of an initial enquiry.

What happens if my regular Support Worker is sick or on holiday?

When it is not possible to send your regular support worker, Midas Care will always provide a replacement support worker to deliver your care.

Are Midas Care’s Support Workers required to evaluate the Service Users home care needs?

Midas care has a team of trained assessors which carry out full assessments to ensure that care is person centred, outcome based and to ensure the necessary risk assessments have been completed.

What does the assessment process entail?

A full assessment will need to take place prior to care commencing to protect both the Service User and our Support Workers. A mutually agreed time is scheduled for one of our trained assessors to visit you, ideally at home or where the care will be provided. Midas Care encourages the Service User to invite where possible a family or friend to attend as the process can take up to 2 hours. The time of these assessment meetings are scheduled to your convenience anytime between the hours of 7:00am and 9:30 pm. The assessment process goes into considerable detail to ensure we provide the correct care for the Service User and their needs.

Midas Care will also need to undertake an environmental assessment of the property, its facilities and the access points to ensure our Support Workers are able to care for you in a safe environment. Following the meeting the assessments are written up and provided to you for your approval. Once all the assessments and documentation has been approved these are copied and form part of your service user file, a copy which remains with you and copy for our office. The full assessment process forms part of the one off set up which is charged at £75. Reassessments which take place every 6 months or when there is a change in care needs are charged at £45.

Does Midas Care consult the Service Users family members?

If we receive a request or consent from the Service User, Midas Care will always pre arrange appointments so family members or other health care professionals can also attend if they wish.

Does Midas Care include the Service User and his or her family members in developing the plan of care?

Midas Care works encourages the family of Service Users to be involved as this helps to ensure that the care delivered is person centred. Any discussions or changes to care plans would require the consent of the service user if they have the capacity. Where a service user does not have capacity the leading power of attorney is consulted.

Is the Service Users Care plan supportive, detailing the specific tasks to be carried out by each professional Support Worker?

Midas Care prides itself on the detailed care plans which are completed. The completed document provides our team of Support Workers the best possible picture of the Service User and how they prefer their care to be provided ensuring all positive outcomes are reached.


How does Midas Care select its employees?

All staff complete a rigorous 2-stage interview process details of which can be found here

What level of training do support workers receive before they start work?

As a provider of adult social care who is contracted by Cambridgeshire County Council and regulated by the Care Quality Commission the mandatory training which our staff undertake can be found here.

Does Midas Care have staff who can communicate effectively in a language other than English?

Midas Care employs a number of staff who speak different languages, however Midas Care can also arrange for an interpreter if requested. Costs for this service are upon request.

Does Midas Care do background checks on all staff?

All employees of Midas Care undergo an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) check prior to an offer of employment being made.

Does Midas Care check employment references?

All staff are required to provide 2 satisfactory references. Once received reference are also followed up by a telephone call to secure verbal verification of the reference provider and the content received.